Rest In Peace Phoebe

Phoebe was adopted on November 22. 2002, after having been born in a shelter, then taken in by a rescue organization in Georgia.  She was about 3 months old and little ball of fluff.


She quickly took over as Queen of the House.  She loved babysitting Justin when he was little.

DCP_3030 - Copy


She loved her big brother Scruffy

 Scruffy & Phoebe

In 2009 she took to the road for a life of adventure



Also known as Gladys Kravitz, she was always interested in what was going on outside


She traveled Georgia to California, to Alaska, to Maine and to Florida…and almost every state in between0 00 15-09[3]


Scruffy got sick in Alaska and we lost him there.  When we got back to Georgia Phoebe went to Petsmart and picked out a new sister, Hannah




In 2011 she went to Texas, to begin Gate Guarding…where the Travelin Terriers blog was born.

In August of 2013 she got another little sister, Lucy



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Phoebe was, without a doubt, the easiest dog to Love.  She got along with everyone, always happy and easy going.  Her health began to deteriorate with her age, she had bad cataracts, heart problems and kidney failure, but she never complained.  Last month she had surgery to remove some teeth, and she just never recovered from it….she leaves a huge hole in our hearts.