Monthly Archives: July 2011


By Hannah

We made it through another weekend here at the campground, and now the Humans have two days off!

Weekends are super busy here..lots of annoying people come to camp on Friday night.   Every time we go out there’s golf carts zooming by, kids everywhere, and some even bring dogs with them.   It completely upsets our normally quiet life.  I try to bark at them and chase them away, but I always get in trouble for that.

On Sunday the humans got off work at 3:30 and we were out of bread….that means no toast with our egg for breakfast!  So, we got to make a trip to the grocery to get bread…guess what’s next to the grocery store…….Burger King!  Mom went to the store to get the bread and Dad drove us through the drive-thru for our favorite treat….a bacon double cheeseburger!  We don’t get our own, we have to share it but it’s so good.

After we got home the humans took us for a ride around the campground in the golf cart.  Most of the campers are gone and it’s back to the relatively  quiet campground.  Phoebe sat between Mom & Dad & I got to ride in Mom’s lap.

Here we are getting ready to go

The humans keep talking about where we’ll go next…not sure but Mom says it’ll be somewhere without snow.  The worst part about snow last year was the silly sweaters Mom made us wear.  

Anyway..gotta’s time for wine & cheese

OK, so I’m too young for wine…but the humans always share the cheese.