Hi and Welcome To Our Blog

Let me introduce myself…I’m Phoebe.

I’ve been in charge of this family for almost 9 years.  Two years ago the humans decided to pack up our milkbones and chew toys and take off in a motorhome.  We’ve been to 31 states so far and they don’t appear to be ready to go home yet.  Last summer we spent 5 months in Alaska….that’s where my big brother Scruffy left this world, and I found myself alone.

A few months after we got back to the Lower 48, I got to go to Petsmart to look for a new dog buddy.  I picked Hannah…she’s not as pretty as me…Grandpa calls her a Pig cause she has a pink nose and crazy wiry hair ~ LOL!  I like her though, it’s fun having a little sister…..she tears open trash bags and barks too much, but the Humans seem to like her anyway.

Hi There…I’m Hannah.  After a couple years my owners decided they couldn’t keep me and I was given up for adoption.  I spent 2 months living in a vet’s kennel…till that fateful day in October when Phoebe picked me to be her BFF (Best Friend Forever).  

I’ve been living the life…on the road with Phoebe & the Humans.  We’re in Wisconsin for the summer…the Humans are working at a campground.  They work while we take naps.  We usually get to go for a ride on the weekends and Phoebe & I get to share a double cheeseburger for a treat.

We’ll post more when we can.  


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