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The Vet…and Reflections On My Past Year

So, apparently my shots are due.

Ya know what this means?

It means that it was a year ago that my old owners gave me away.  I know it’s hard to believe that anyone would give me away, as adorable as I am, but it happened.  The Pet Rescue got me and on Sept 1, 2010 I was spayed and given shots….Six Weeks Later I was Adopted By My New Mommy & Daddy.

What a Fun Year I’ve Had!

I got adopted in Georgia, moved into the Motorhome with my new sister Phoebe.  Traveled to Kentucky, back to Georgia, Florida, back to Georgia and spent a couple months at Mistletoe State Park, a vacation at Grandma & Grandpa’s house while Mom & Dad went to Disney, then to Texas, then to Wisconsin for the summer.  Now we’re getting ready to go back to Texas for the Winter.   I Have A Great Family &  A Wonderful Life!

But today was all about the Vet visit….. 

I got a bath this afternoon, so I’d be clean for my vet trip.

Nice clean office but I’m a little nervous…look at all those needles they brought in!

Phoebe tried to calm me down

I was brave and didn’t even cry when she poked me and sucked my blood.   I got a long lecture about my weight and she advised Mom & Dad not to give me cheeseburgers as often.  She even suggested they not butter my toast for my breakfast, but said the egg was OK.  I’d be happy to get more exercise if I didn’t have to stay on a leash all the time, I love to run & play chase with Phoebe when we have a fenced in yard. 

Anyway, I checked out OK otherwise, and we get the results of the Heartworm test tomorrow.  We’re back home relaxing and enjoying life.

I’m very grateful for my new home and family!