Hunting Chipmunks

By Phoebe

Time for a walk...

Oooooo, I almost got one!

Seriously, There must be a million chipmunks here at the campground!  I’d never seen a chipmunk before we came to Wisconsin.  When we walk over to the big grassy field you can hear them chattering and alerting each other that I’m coming to get them.  If the humans would let me off this stupid leash, I could catch one.  I almost got this one but he ran down this hole.

I was going to dig him out but they wouldn’t let me…I never get to have any fun! 😦   Hannah’s not much of a hunter….I’m trying to teach her, but she’s not catching on very fast.  I think she’s just lazy.

We only have about another month here…The humans plan to head to Texas for the winter.  They say that, if we get a job doing gate guard work, they’ll get to stay home with us all the time.  Mom’s ready for a job with less chaos after spending the summer working here.  Almost time for dinner, so I’ll close for now.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I get a chipmunk.  🙂


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