Busy, Busy, Busy….

So, we’re leaving Wisconsin on Sept 7th.  The Humans will work all Labor Day weekend, then have one day to make final preparations for the trip. 

We got put in our cage today so we could watch them drag all the junk out of the motorhome’s  underneath compartments…then put it all back in ~ LOL!  They started the motorhome up to make sure it ran good.

At least we got to stay out here while they ran the vacuum in the house…we both HATE the vacuum.  I laid down for a nap and Phoebe kept watch.

Mom’s whining about having to tear up her garden.  We don’t eat much veggies so we don’t care, but they seem to enjoy growing tomatoes, zucchini and tons of basil.  Mom cleaned out one planter box and got it packed away.  We still have a couple weeks, so they can have a few more veggies before we go.

That’s all the news for now….almost time for dinner.





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