Boondocking at a Casino

We didn’t drive far yesterday….We’re boondocking in a casino parking lot for a couple nights.  Look, Mom even put her plants out.

The humans went off to do human stuff this morning and we stayed in and napped.  They came back around lunch time and we got to go for a ride with them. 

They put a new seat cover in the car and it’s kind of slippery.  I think it’s supposed to keep my hair from getting all over the seat…Good Luck With That ~ Ha Ha! 

We went to a cheese factory.  This is the company that makes the organic mozzerella cheese we’ve been eating every night since we got to Wisconsin.  We LOVE this stuff.  We didn’t get to go in, but they brought a big bag of it out, so we know we have lots of cheese to take on our trip.

Then Phoebe started squirming on the way way home, so Mom said we needed to stop.  Dad stopped at a McDonalds…YAY!  Mom took us for a Potty Walk, while Dad went in and got an Iced Tea for them and a Double Cheeseburger for us!  I was afraid I’d never get another cheeseburger after that last doctor visit.

Here we are….while Dad’s feeding us cheeseburger bites

Had a fun day and should be getting back on the road to Texas tomorrow. 

Here’s Mom’s new picture of us…notice how I get to be in the front.




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  1. Those cheeseburgers aren’t good for any of us but aren’t they wonderful when we do get them. I was able to sneak Zoey’s dog food tonight when Mom wasn’t paying attention. It was really good but I know she’s not happy with me. Love the new pic.


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