Made it to Texas

We spent a few days visiting some friends in Arkansas.  Stayed at a nice park on the Arkansas River, lots of trees and squirrels.

We got to walk down by the river and watch the ducks.  They wouldn’t let us loose to chase them though.

Then we drove on to Texas.

Holy Smokes, It’s Hot in Texas! 

We have to run across the parking lot, when we go out to do our business, so our feet won’t burn.  The grass is all brown and crunchy here instead of soft and green.  I guess we need to get used to it.  If the humans get a job, we’ll be here for a while.  They’re meeting with a Gate Guard company tomorrow morning…so we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome,



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  1. I sure hope you got to meet up with John and Diane while you were there. They’re really nice folks and I think you’d like them a whole bunch. Sorry it’s so hot in Texas, it’s almost cold up here. Had to have the folks turn on the heat cause I couldn’t quit shivering.


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