We’re Going To Be Gate Guards!

The Humans met with the gate guard company yesterday and came home to tell us we’re moving to a gate this afternoon!   They have to go take a test and some class, then they’ll come back and we’ll head South.

They were running around like crazy people yesterday trying to get ready.  Mom had to go to Whole Foods and stock the freezer.  They brought home lots of food for us and a big bag of our favorite chew bones.  They got a new computer connection thing, because the guy told them that Verizon doesn’t work very well in southwest Texas.  I hope this new one works or they’ll be hard to live with out there.

I’ll post pictures of our new home when we get settled….if the computer works out there.



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  1. Phoebe and Hannah,
    You will make great guards. Stay away from the prickely things and let us know what kind of “critters” you find in Southwest Texas. We look forward to you coming back to play in the yard with us. Take good care of “the humans”!
    your canine cousins,
    Soffie and Gracie

  2. I don’t think Skittlez and I would make very good gate guards. We get side tracked easily with all the lizards and things to chase out there in Texas. But it is exciting for your humans. It’ll be fun to hear about what they have to do to guard those gates.


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