Becoming A Gate Guard

Friday we became Gate Guards for LOMA Rentals LLC.  The humans moved our motorhome over to the LOMA company yard while they went to a class and to get pawprints made.  The new boss hooked us up with a generator, so we would have air conditioning while we waited.  They got done with all the necessary paperwork and came back around 2;30 pm. 

Tim had arrived…he’s another boss…and he will be escorting us to our gate and bringing our trailer.  The trailer is our generator, security lights, generator fuel, and 350 gal potable water tank.  Here it is before Tim arrived and hooked it to his truck.



We left around 3:30 in the afternoon to begin the drive to our gate.  It was a long drive….364 miles.  We drove through Waco, Austin & San Antonio.

Here we are practicing a guard duties during a fuel stop.  We got a McDonald’s Cheeseburger for dinner too.



We finally arrived at our gate around midnight.  They set up the lights while we waited for another boss to bring the gate key.  The lights are huge and really light up the place, it’s almost like daytime and he only had 2 of the 4 lights on.



We got to bed around 3:00 am…way past our bedtime.  The bosses said the rig should be here on Monday, so we had a quiet weekend to get settled.  At 9:00 am 2 trucks were at our gate…Dad scrambled out to greet them, wearing his ridiculously oversized yellow vest ~ LOL.  The only vests they had in stock were 2X-3X, so they took what they had for now.  They also got 4 new shirts, but Mom wants to wash those before they wear them.  They can either wear the company shirt or the vest.  They also got new hats, lots of free clothes!


They set up our playpen.  There’s really not much in our yard except dirt, sticker bushes and dried up piles of cow poo. 


The bosses came back to check on things and set up the bells, so we’ll know when the trucks are here.  They moved some things around, then the wind blew and it rained for a while…Yay Rain!  We stayed inside where it was dry. 


There’s no Verizon phone service here but The Humans got a new AT&T Mobile Hotspot yesterday and that gives them computers…but it’s really slow.  They’re going to get a signal booster, but they can’t order it till they go get a PO Box on Monday.  Lots of things to do in the next few days.

Apparently we’re about 17 miles from the closest town, which is Pearsall, TX. 

The drill site is 2.2 miles down the road from our gate.




This is what it looks like now.


We sat outside and enjoyed the cool breeze this evening.  It was 79 degrees and felt good blowing through my ears.


Pretty sky out tonight too


We think we’ll like it here…it’ll be nice not to have so many kids and other dogs making noise and disturbing us and those crazy golf carts flying around like at the last campground.  The humans have to be at the gate 24/7,  so at least one of them will always be home with us! 

We’ll post more when we can,



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  1. So cool that one of your humans will always be home with you. We hate it when we get left at home – well unless the humans bring treats back with them. Watch out for snakes and coyotes and whatever else there might be out there.

  2. Where do you go pee? There’s no grass! My Mom hates it when I track in mud. With no fences I could run forever! Hannah – I know your Mom complains about your barking but you can now show her what a good watchdog you are. Take good care of your Mom and Dad!

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