Getting Ready For The Rig

Today was our first real day on the job.  It started around 10:00 pm Sunday night with deliveries of Oil Base…whatever that means.  They were in & out all night and through the day on Monday.

We sat outside with Mom this morning


It was pretty before it got hot


Here’s a better picture of our generator/water/light trailer.  We’re getting used to the constant hum of the generator.


Around 11:00 am Monday the trucks delivering Caliche started to arrive…we still aren’t sure what all this means.  We had safety people, Chesapeake Energy people, water well people, then around 6:00 pm 6 big trucks of Oil Rig people came in with a Bulldozer and lots of Pipes.

Dad tried to sleep but Phoebe barks every time Mom goes out to meet the trucks.  I don’t know why she’s so freaked out, but she keeps waking up Dad and he needs his sleep.  When he finally gave up and got up, Mom went to town to get a PO Box and check out the Walmart & Grocery in Pearsall.  She came back, after 3-1/2 hours and said we’ll need to go to Uvalde for our shopping.  The Pearsall Walmart is not a Superwalmart, so very few groceries.  But she got a PO Box & filled up our drinking water jugs. 

She picked up a baby monitor too.  Willie suggested we use one for the driveway bell.  Mom can’t hear it when she’s inside and the A/C & TV are on.  It’s too loud to be inside and disturb whoever is sleeping.  So they put it under the house in a container with part of the monitor…Then the other part is inside and the volume can be adjusted. It works pretty good.



The group of oil rig people left at 7:45pm….we think it may be quiet for the night now.  They sure do make a lot of dust when they drive by



There’s a lot we don’t understand about our new job…like why do the Humans follow us around, in a field of dried cow poo, and pick up our poo in little blue bags?????

Tomorrow’s the big day, The Rig Arrives!  We’ll try to get pictures.




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  1. Love learning about your new job. But sure hope Dad can get some sleep. That wouldn’t be a good thing for him to not get enough sleep.


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