The Rig Is Here, The Rig Is Here!

Of course, you can’t really tell it’s a Rig, cause it came in pieces…and we’re not sure what a rig is supposed to look like.

I watched intently….Hannah laid there like a big fat lump ~ LOL!  We had our breakfast outside to keep an eye on things.


The trucks came all day…61 different trucks.  Some made multiple trips, so there were 96 check-in’s at the gate, so far.  It’s 8:30 pm and they’ve slowed down but it’s still gonna be a busy night.

Here’s just some of what we saw….


The Humans decided the baby monitor for the driveway bell wasn’t going to work.  They’re going to return the monitor, and now they’ve run it into the motorhome but taken the bell off…so it just clicks instead of rings.  Mom still has trouble hearing it, but she didn’t have much chance to go inside today anyway.  Everyone seems really nice here.  They came and brought the tank our dirty water goes in today.  It’s a huge big gray tank behind the motorhome…sure hope it doesn’t stink.

There’s a Road Runner around here, but we haven’t been able to get a picture of it yet.  The landowner uses this land for deer hunting too…one of the hunters came today to look over the area.  We’re not thrilled about that, but these folks seem to like to hunt down here.

We’re tired & dusty, so that’s all for tonight



Remember, you can always click on a picture to get a bigger view of it.  Smile


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  1. That’s a whole lot of trucks. Mom definitely didn’t have time to spend inside today. Good thing she had you there to keep an eye on things with her.

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