First Pictures Of The Rig

Still lots of pieces & parts coming in on Wednesday…



Wednesday night they started watering the road…lots of trucks back & forth watering down the dust.  It’s much better today.



One of the guys said that roadrunners like meat, so Mom cooked up some chicken scraps and put them out in a little yellow dish for them.  Hopefully, we can get some better pictures when they come to eat.  This is the best so far and he’s in the shade.



Dad drove back to the rig site, 2.2 miles, to take our trash to the dumpster.  Here’s some shots of the operation back there.


Then it was bath time   Sad smile



We sat out in the sun for a few minutes to dry


I don’t mind baths as much as Phoebe does, she hates them.


That’s all for now…it’s dinner time,




Couldn’t get an internet connection to publish this post last night, sure will be glad when the signal amplifier gets here.


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  1. Wow that’s quite an operation that’s going on down there. Lots of big stuff. I don’t like the bath either but Skittlez really hates it. But you’re looking good.


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