Local Critters

There are so many new & exciting critters around here.  The Roadrunner is still scared of us, but we’re hoping he’ll get used to use being here and become more friendly.



It was a pretty slow day here on the gate, only 31 trucks came in and some were just crew members going out for groceries or dinner.  Hannah took a nap in Mom’s seat


Tonight when we went out for a walk there was an armadillo in our yard.  We tried to go after it, but they wouldn’t let us off the leash.  He was eating bugs so The Humans want to keep him around.



The security lights attract tons of bugs at night.  We had bats here a few nights ago eating some of them.

Hard to believe we’ve already been here a week. It’s so nice and peaceful here in the mornings & evenings..we can’t wait for it to cool off a little so we can sit outside more during the day.




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  1. We haven’t ever seen an armadillo. But if they eat bugs, my Mom really likes them.

  2. I haven’t ever seen one of those either but there was a possum on my fence a couple nights ago. I barked and barked at it but it wouldn’t move! Mom called it nasty and ugly and made me come inside.

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