A Visit From The Foreman

Willie came today to fuel up our generator tank.  He gave Mom instructions on checking the oil in the generator, how to fill out time sheets, who to call to order more water, etc. 

He suggested we keep the gate closed, at least at night.  We’ve been leaving it open, since we’re sitting right by it and someone is always looking at it.  He told us about one gate where the landowner requires it to be closed at all times and if it’s open the Gate Guard should have their hand on it…otherwise it’s a $1000 fine…and if our company gets a $1000 fine, the Gate Guard loses their job!  Our Landowner visited today and he has never said anything about the gate being open…guess we’re pretty lucky.  Anyway, they decided to start keeping it closed at night anyway.

Willie also gave us email address of the closest gate guard from our company.  They’re still a long way away from us though, I think.  Mom emailed them to introduce us.

It was a pretty slow day on the gate.  We napped with Dad and Mom took care of things.  We keep looking for the Armadillo when we go out, but he hasn’t come back.  Two roadrunners ran around the motorhome most of the day, but they’re still scared if we go outside.

Anyway, we’ve still got things under control here…



All Secure,



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  1. Hello. Our TK field rep told us to leave the gate open, no need to close it, but the ranch manager asked us to keep it closed (even though there is no livestock on this ranch) so we keep it closed. Never heard about the $1K fine. Wow. Our roadrunner likes sunflower seeds. One day while eating them he walked up to within about 3 feet of me! I talk to him, but he only answers with that funny rattling/chattering sound they make.

  2. Things have slowed down here, so they’ve been keeping it closed the last few days. We had four roadrunners here yesterday.

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