Where’s My Cabana Boy????





The Humans put up our cabana this morning.  Mom wants a place to put out her yoga mat and do her yoga stretches.  We get half of it with our playpen.   It’ll be nice in the early mornings before it gets hot.  Hopefully, it won’t get carried away by the wind if a storm comes along.  It’s staked down in the ground, so maybe it’ll be OK.




We’re just waiting for a cabana boy to deliver the frosty cocktails with little paper umbrellas in them.  We did get a bag of ice & a big bottle of drinking water today from the company that delivers to the Rig Crew…pretty cool, free water & ice. 

Mom sat outside and talked to the roadrunners yesterday.  There were three of them very near her, but we had to stay inside because we bark and scare them away.

This one was showing off & flexing his muscles LOL




They’re getting used to us being here and are getting braver around The Humans.  We want to chase them…like we used to chase the geese in Georgia, but The Humans won’t let us off our leashes. 

It’s been really hot…105 yesterday and 106 today.  We stay inside and nap most of the day.  Hannah likes to touch me when she’s sleeping…I guess I’m like her security blanket.


Hasn’t been as much traffic going in & out the last couple days.  Some trucks came and picked up some of the equipment. 


Dad took a nap then went to get mail in Pearsall.  The signal booster still isn’t here, tracking information says it should arrive on Wednesday…silly Humans, should have selected express shipping ~ LOL!  We did get a mail package from Escapees and he filled up our drinking water jugs.  Not much  else happening out here.




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  1. Love the Cabana but boy is it hot down there. We like warm weather but I think that’s way too warm. Sure glad you got water and ice though. I like your road runners. Don’t scare them away too often.

  2. It is too warm…101 right now. But the TV says it’s only going to be 93 on Saturday & 92 on Sunday, may even get some rain. :8)

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