Yay….We Finally Got A Cheeseburger!

So today Mom drove into Uvalde to do laundry & go to SuperWalmart, 44 miles one way!  She was gone for 4-1/2 hours, but it was worth the wait for her to come home…cause she brought us a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger!  Our first cheeseburger since the trip down here 11 days ago!

While she was gone they came & filled up our water tank and Willie stopped by to fuel up the generator.  Someone is supposed to come by today or tomorrow to pump out our sewer tank.

We’re getting pretty lazy just laying around the house all day, but it’s much too hot to go out, for anything other than a quick potty break, during the day. 

Not much else happening, only 20 vehicles came through the gate today, as of 5:45 pm.  I’m gonna catch a nap before Dancing With The Stars comes on.





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  1. Does all that heat hurt your paws when you go outside? Mom and Dad don’t let us have cheeseburgers. Mom said something about me being too fat.

  2. We had obedience class tonight and Mom said the mosquitos were as big as your road runners! Don’t tell her but I went to sleep during one of the long down-stays.

  3. Hey, you have a blog!! Hurray! I’ll add it to my blog roll as soon as I remember how. Hope all is well with your humans!

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