Feels Like Fall

It felt like a beautiful Fall morning here…great way to Welcome in October.  It cooled off, down in the low 60’s, last night.  Phoebe likes the cool breeze blowing through her hair


Dad took advantage of the cool weather and turned the oven on to bake a package of bacon last night.  We smelled it while we were in bed.  Mom split her bacon & cheese omelet with us this morning for breakfast…Yum!

We had 44 trucks come in the gate yesterday, and about as many go back out.  There was a shift change of some of the crew…they work 7 days on & 7 days off.

Dad said he saw  someone run by (out on the road) at about 4:30 this morning.  There’s absolutely nothing around us, so I guess he was an illegal just trying to get past us without being noticed.  Must be like running away from home and hoping the dog pound doesn’t find you…Sad.

The trash truck came this morning to change out the dumpster up on the Rig Site.  Mom gathered up our trash and threw it in when they left.  They seem to come about twice a week.  Dad was driving up to throw it in the dumpster, but now we just wait till they come to change them & throw it on as they drive out.

It’s been quiet today.  Mom dug out all her herbs and made up tea bags, Phoebe hid under the table cause there’s a fly in here, and I‘m just taking it easy napping on the couch.


Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend!



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  1. Hey Phoeb’s – I love the ear thing you got going there. And Skittlez is scared of flies too when they get in the house. Glad it cooled down for you. It was way too hot. Even for a desert dog like me.

  2. You’ll be back in the desert soon too Scooter. Hope you’re having a good trip. :8)

  3. HA nana, I love you and miss you. I like the new stuff tell eveybody I said hi. Nice pictures.

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