Uh Oh, Who opened the freezer door?

Sunday was a lazy day here.  Only had about 8 trucks come in and a few of the crew went out to dinner & came back.  Mom fed the roadrunners some raw macadamia nuts and I woke up Dad barking at them out the window.

This morning The Humans discovered the door on the little freezer had gotten opened a bit and it was full of frosty ice.  Everything was still frozen, but they had to empty it into a cooler and defrost it before they could put everything back.

Something is digging a big hole by the gate.  I’d love to go snooping down the hole, but they won’t let me….Mom’s afraid of what might come out.


Dad went to town to pick up a few items.  Look at the dust!  This curve, as you come in the gate, is the worst spot.



One of the roadrunners is getting very friendly.  The Humans sit outside and feed it, but we have to stay inside cause we bark and scare it away.  Today was a fairly busy day on the gate,  they get a lot of sales calls on Monday.

Dancing With The Stars is on….



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  1. Scooter would love to get down that hole. I kind of sniff it out but I’m not sure I’d go down it. Wish I could watch DWTS. We only get CBS at this place. Scooter was tired and went to bed so I got to get on the computer.

  2. Better stay away from that hole – it looks big enough for you to fall in!

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