Wow…It’s Been 3 Weeks!

Time flies when you’re having fun!  Hard to believe we’ve been here for 3 weeks tomorrow.  Today was a pretty busy day on the gate.  They’ve drilled around 11,000 ft and came yesterday to start work on the frac pond.  We haven’t been back to look at it, but may go take some pictures tomorrow.012

Mom went to Pearsall to get mail and we stayed home with Dad.  We all got cheeseburgers when she came home…Mom may not eat McDonalds burgers, but the rest of us Love them!

Phoebe gets frisky and plays dive on the couch after she eats burgers ~ LOL!


Some people were here this week to survey for another drilling site.  Not sure when that might happen, but I guess it could get pretty busy. 

We still enjoy the mornings the best…Look at the blue streaks in the sky this morning.




That’s all for now…




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  1. Dear P&H –
    Henry has cheeseburger envy. Since he’s a pet therapy dog, he’s never had people food, but after reading your blog, he’s added cheeseburgers to the shopping list.
    Glad all is going well for you!
    Beautiful blue streaked sky!

  2. Wow, Henry’s our Hero….Mom used to work in Hospice and always had therapy dogs visit. We’re not well behaved enough for therapy ~ LOL!

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