And Then The Rain Came….

It’s been busy here with lots of cement trucks coming in..they’re building the Frac Pond.




After the rain we got last night, this may be full.

It started raining last night….and it rained….and it rained…and it rained!  This is what we woke up to.





They called our Foreman for help, and he came and pulled the car out before water got inside.




So, the car has been moved to higher ground.


There’s a moat around the RV, about 5” deep.  We had to be carried out to the road this morning to go do our business.  Willie said the dirt road in to us is pretty bad.  He had 4-wheel drive, so he made it but we may not have much traffic today.  Fortunately, Mom made a grocery run to Uvalde yesterday, so we’re all stocked up on treats.

There was also this strange quacking sound coming from under the RV this morning.  Mom freaked out thinking that one of her little Roadrunner buddies was drowning under there.  After many trips out in the rain…looking under the coach with a flashlight…freaking out cause she saw a head come up then go back under water…using a strainer to fish through the water trying to rescue it.  It turned out to be two frogs under there, just having a good time in the water.  LOL!

Anyway, we’re staying inside where it’s dry and Mom’s sporting her favorite rain boots for the day.


Hope everyone else is safe & dry.




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  1. Your car looks like it was going to float away. And it sure was nice of your Mom to worry about those frogs so much. My Mom bought a pair of those exact same boots after she saw how cute they looked on your Mom in Sedalia. I don’t like getting my feet wet so Dad would have to carry us. Hope you dry out pretty soon.

  2. Those boots sure have come in handy in the last 2 years. Maybe next time we visit we can get a picture of our Mom’s together in the boots ~ LOL!

  3. OMG – my Mom has the same boots! She bought them before she came to pick me up in MO almost two years ago. They had a lot of snow then and she thought she might need them. Your yard looks like my backyard after a hard rain.

  4. Oh – WOW! You guys REALLY got the rain! Must have been kind of unnerving to wake up and see your car submerged! Glad all is OK – and I agree, those are very cool boots! 😉

  5. Yeah, we didn’t realize we were parked in such a low spot, until it rained ~ LOL! The boots are great…they don’t get sucked off in the mud. You should join the Crazy Ladies Polka-Dot Rain Boot Society. 🙂

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