Teaching Two Old Dogs New Tricks

So, they found an old railroad tie in a pile of scrap and made us a walkway out to the road.



Then we had lessons for walking the balance beam





It’s better today…the water is soaking into the ground.  Still muddy, so we’ll continue to use our bridge…or as a friend put it “Walk The Plank”


It’s still a lake across the road, where the car was parked


Saturday night equipment and crews came in to clean the rig.  They worked all night and left Sunday afternoon.  This morning the company man left to go check out the road.  We’re 5 miles from a paved road and they’re concerned about bringing a crane down the muddy road.  The Flairline removal crew came this morning, but they came in from the other direction. 

Leona River Rd/Co Rd 4757 (our road) going out to Hwy 117 is apparently impassable.  One guy said the bridge has 3’-4’ of water rushing over it.  He came in from the other direction, which is 5.5 miles off of Hwy 57.  He said that road was really rough, but it was drivable with 4-wheel drive.  A few tractor/trailers have made it in from that way now too.  They’re starting to take out pieces of the rig now.



The Humans tore down our playpen, hosed off the patio mat, and hung it on the fence to dry.


It’ll be a few days before the ground is dry enough to set it back up


We took turns watching out the window.



Just got word….Rig move is scheduled for tomorrow, as long as we don’t get any rain tonight.






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  1. I like the “walk the plank” idea. Glad Dad gave you some good lessons on balance. Here’s hoping there’s no more rain.

  2. Brilliant! And wet – gosh you guys are really in deep down there! Can you dog paddle?

  3. Great pics guys. I’m curious…………what is that equipment in the last pic of a flatbed? Looks kinda like a jet engine.

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