Moving Out

The move of the Drill Rig began around 6:45 am on Tuesday morning.  The trucks all seemed to come at once. 



It was a beautiful morning once the sun started to come up.  We still have lots of water standing on the sides of the road.



It was a busy day…


They quit for the day around 6:30 pm because the oversized vehicles can’t be on the road after dark.

The Full Moon came up….and we got to catch our breath.



We noticed, on our walk, that some of the ants have moved their little villages above ground since the rain.




Wednesday morning we were awakened again by the driveway bell ringing constantly starting around 6:00 am. 

It was another busy day of trucks moving the rig out.



The escort trucks park outside the gate, then stop the trucks as they leave if they need to be measured.  Not sure why they don’t just go in to the site and do it there.  Yesterday a couple trucks got sent back because they were too tall.




Things slowed down in the afternoon and we went for a walk.  It’s hot today, around 90 again, so we don’t stay out long.


We’re not sure what to expect after the drill rig is gone.  One of the bosses called us last night and said sometimes it’s a few days before the Frac crews show up, so we could have some really quiet days ahead…we’ll see.  The company man left at 5:00 pm, said there’s 10-12 more loads and the crane they will move tomorrow.

Apparently the road out to FM 117 is open again.  We had two pickup trucks come in from that direction today.  They said it’s really rough over the bridge but it’s drivable.  Dad may try to go into Pearsall tomorrow to get mail & water.


Happy Hump Day!



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  1. Phoebe – so are you and Hannah staying there through the fracing? Glad you got to take a walk. Tell your Mom she takes great photos!

    • Yes, we’re staying on this gate. Not sure how long the whole process takes, I guess it’s different for each location.

      Mom’s camera broke yesterday, the shutter won’t open anymore, so she’s using her phone to take pictures now. 🙂

  2. Great pics. The traffic is wild. You got to wonder…………..if the equipment was too tall going out, how did they get it in?

    • I guess they just break it down a little more if it doesn’t pass the measurement check. I’m amazed at some of the loads that go out the gate. Some of them are so long they can’t make the turn without going up into the field on the other side of the road. So how do they drive on a real road with traffic?????

  3. Will you be at the same gate all winter? Or could you be moved to another location? Hope your mom and dad get a few quiet days to relax – sounds like they deserve it.

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