Sure Is Quiet Around Here

Thursday seemed to be mostly a Cleanup Day after the rig move.  Several trucks came in to clean up the site and pick up leftover equipment.  On Friday, the Company Man came by to inspect things.  Friday was busy again with the frac pond guys in here and tankers coming in to pick up the oil base mud and drop dirt….whatever that means ~ LOL!

We got our playpen set up again…this time on slightly higher ground.



The rain has revived some of the dormant plant life…Flowers have popped out of the ground



Little buds of green are springing out of the mud



Our little Armadillo friend was back last night.  He was busy digging, so we’re pretty sure that’s what made the big scary hole by the gate…now it’s not so scary.


This one’s fuzzy cause he wouldn’t stand still for a picture.



And Mom’s roadrunner friend came back.  He didn’t show up for a few days after the storm, and they were getting worried.  The last few days he’s been back out there begging for treats.  We still try to chase him away, but we can’t get off our leashes.  Mom makes us stay inside when she feeds him.

013 (2)1


Phoebe seems to have developed separation anxiety.  When Dad’s sleeping and Mom goes out to the gate, Phoebe stands at the door and barks, like she’s afraid of being left out here in the Wild West by herself..and they used to think I was the loud one ~ Ha Ha!

The county graded the road where the rain had washed over the bridge, and apparently, that is all back to normal…which wasn’t very good to start with.  Dad went to town using the other way out, to Hwy 57, and it was OK.  They are still very rough gravel and dirt roads, but at least they’re passable again.


Not much else happening….must be time for a nap




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  1. How in the world did you train that Road Runner? We’ve seen a bunch of them but they have never got close enough to fee.

    • Didn’t train him at all, he’s just a little scrounge looking for free handouts ~ Ha Ha! Mom heard they eat snakes, so she started feeding them chicken scraps to keep them around. This is the only one that’s really brave.

  2. Did Mom get her camera fixed? Those are great shots! Glad you have some romp and stomp room again. All I get is a 6 foot leash and boring walks.

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