Digging Out

Today they finally tried to dig out of the mud pit.  We had to wait until the guy came to clean out our sewer tank, so we’d be able to move it.  We got cleaned out last night, so we were all set. 

Just driving forward didn’t work…we were stuck in muddy trenches.  Finally after shoveling in dried dirt and gravel, we were able to move out of the muck.  We can’t move far because our power cord and water hose have to be able to reach the trailer.  They were able to disconnect and pull forward then back it up into a better spot.  So, we don’t have to walk the plank anymore.



They washed as much mud off the tires as they could, then parked it a little farther back from the road, in a higher dry spot.  The mud should dry out pretty fast, now that it gets sun on it.



It’s been really quiet today.  Only two trucks came and went, they were just a rental company picking up equipment.

The best news is…The Humans were too tired after all the moving and cleaning to give us the baths they had been threatening us with ~ Ha Ha Ha!




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  1. Wow – what a mess! Henry is jealous. He had a shower today and didn’t care for it a bit!
    Glad you’re able to get out of the mud and muck! We didn’t get nearly as much rain as you did. It’s been weirdly quiet here, too…
    Take care!

  2. We got stuck like that last year. Almost couldn’t get out. I’m very careful now about where I park the MH on a gate.

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