Bath Day

Monday was bath day again.  Phoebe got it first, then it was my turn.


That darn bird watched the whole thing…I swear he was laughing at us


Then we sat in the sun to dry



Mom went to town to get groceries.  Here’s a picture of the road out to Hwy 57…5.5 miles of this!


and just for the City Folks….Ever seen one of these?  Feed and Beer in one convenient drive-thru ~ LOL!



In Gate related news….The Chesapeake guys came yesterday to look at the site for a new well.  They brought in a big mulcher machine to start clearing the area.   I guess we’ll be here for a while.


Today we’re rockin & rollin in the wind.  Another quiet day on the gate….I got my nails done.





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  1. Hey Hannah, you’re sure lookin’ good there girl. All fluffy and clean.

  2. Awwww…Thanks for noticing Scooter. ;8)

  3. Tom & Lynn Brashears

    Hi Ya’ll, have really enjoyed reading your blog through your dogs point of view. We have been getting info on gate guarding for about a month now while we tie up loose ends (dr’s apmts, etc.) before leaving FL in search of winter jobs. We have been here the last 5 yrs with a sick aunt & need a change of pace, ie..westward ho! I have a 15 yr old schnauzer named Toodles. In her younger yrs she wld have been barking at those roadrunners too, but in 2009 she went blind and her other senses have had to take over. My cousin here in FL has offered to keep her, he does not think she will enjoy all that dust & mud when it rains. He loves her as much as I do, so although I will miss her, I think he may be right & I will leave her with him. This is not going to be easy. He has kept her before when we have made trips to Alaska, etc. but she is getting older & it will be much harder to leave her now. Sounds like this is your first guard gate job. I have talked with GGS & Time Keepers, but have not heard of LOMA. They look like they give you training and support setting up things & getting you out of the mud & high water! Any info you cld share wld be greatly appreciated. We hope to be in Texas by Nov? Thanks again for writing your blog, it has been great reading. Hope to meet ya’ll someday! I am not high-tech, don’t know if this will give you my email, so here it is: Tom & Lynn Brashears email:

  4. I don’t mind baths but hate to get my nails cut. I chew on Mom’s hands when she tries to mess with my toes. It got cold last night – only 37 now – so I snuggled with Mom all night.

  5. Hannah – you were very brave about your nails. Phoebe, Henry wants to know if you’d like to come for a sleep over and teach him how to catch mice?

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