Looks Like Another Lazy Weekend

We got a big bulldozer delivered yesterday evening.  We think they are working on clearing for the new pad today.  Most of the week it’s just been a couple guys working on the water pit…they come in around 7:30 am and leave around 5:45 everyday.  It’s been 3-4 trucks in & out per day for most of the week and absolutely nothing happening at night.  Dad stays up watching movies all night, just in case.

It would be nice to have a real crew back in here.  We haven’t had a trash dumpster since the rig left, so our garbage is starting to pile up out back.  Willie came this morning to fuel up our generator tank.

Hannah and I wrestled for a while in the playpen.



Sometimes she goes for the sneak attack.


We have fun together, but she knows I’m in charge here.



The bird follows us on our walks sometimes.




But there are too many flying bugs out here…they drive me nuts.


Hopefully, things will pick up around here this week and we’ll have something interesting to write about.


Hope everyone has a good weekend



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  1. Me thinks you might just have to take the birdie with you when you pull out. He’s become more of a family pet than just a bird. Skitz and I play a little bit but she definitely knows that I’m the BOSS. And the older I get the grumpier I get – at least according to Mom.

    • That bird definitely thinks he’s part of the family now. There are 3 others that hang out here, but they keep their distance.

      I don’t think we’re grumpy…we’re just responsible for keeping the youngsters in line 😉

  2. Hello. Enjoy your posts, but be careful what you wish for. We had about 200 trucks in here on Wednesday, about 150 on Friday and over 100 today already. Wow. Hey, where did you guys get your playpen fence and do you remember the cost? Romeo and Juliette want to know, they think they might like one. Thanks.

  3. Wow, you must be exhausted with that much traffic!

    They got our fence at camping world. It’s actually 2 of them hooked together…they’re usually on sale for around $45..cheaper than we ever found at Petsmart.


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