The Workover Crew

We found out the big dozer is making a Caliche Pit…”generating materials for the new site” according to the Pinnacle guy.

Some of the bushes suddenly have blossoms of the most heavenly smelling flowers.  They’re tiny little white flowers that smell sort of like honeysuckle.  I have no idea what they are, but they sure smell nice.



Monday morning the “Workover” crew arrived…19 trucks all at once.  They said “workover” means they are opening up the well bigger to get more out of it.   They’ll be here for a few days and the good news is, they brought in a trash dumpster!  It’s amazing the little things that excite us out here in the Wild West ~ LOL!  It’s still quiet…everyone comes in early, then leaves by 6:00pm….and nothing happens on the gate till the next morning.  The Frac Pond guys said they have to be finished by November 15th.

Tuesday Mom drove in to Uvalde for groceries.  There’s a cool front and possibility of rain coming on Thursday…just in case we get flooded again we wanted to have plenty of treats in the pantry.  Mom even brought us a double cheeseburger to share! 

Life Is Good  Smile



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  1. Personally, I hope you don’t get flooded again. All that rain and mud just is yucky. I make Dad pick me up and carry me to a dryer spot. Skittlez is much better about doing her business than I am. I’m fussy. Nice that you get to sleep most nights without interruption.

  2. We don’t like having to get our feet wiped after we go outside in the mud.

    Sleep is one of the things I do best…I sleep with Mom at night & Dad during the day. Could explain why I’ve gained weight here ~ LOL!

  3. Glad you’re on higher ground. Keep those paws dry and keep Mom and Dad company. Sounds like they need it! 😉

  4. Our chance of rain has dropped to 20%, so we may not even get any now.

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