Frac Pond Is Complete

They finished the Frac Pond today, so we’re waiting to see what the next step is.  We were told it would take 2-3 weeks to fill the pond, then the frac crew would arrive.  Right now we just have 3 hunters on the property.  They have a house(back there somewhere) that they are using.

The other night we had a big owl land in the yard.  Dad only got one picture out the window before he flew away.  It’s fuzzy, but you can see how big it is.


Dad also saw some kind of big cat run across the road the other day…mountain lion or bobcat maybe, who knows???  I just hope it doesn’t come looking for a doggie dinner!  Surprised smile

Penny, our closest LOMA Gate Guard neighbor, came by on Wednesday for a visit.  Mom enjoyed having a visitor, but we barked at her.  Mom says we look cuter than we act ~ Ha Ha! 

It got down to 34 degrees on Thursday night, so we had to cover the plants.  Not supposed to get that cold again for the next few days.


It was warm and windy today…supposed to get rain in the next few days.  It was a nice evening for a walk, with the wind blowing through my ears.


Here’s a funny picture of Hannah begging for treats at Mom’s seat ~ LOL


We’ll let you know if anything exciting happens


Have a good weekend!




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  1. Hi. Still enjoying reading your posts. What’s the name of the ranch you are on? Penny

  2. Skittlez is better at looking cute to get treats than I am. I just bark until I get one. You two stay away from those cats. We have coyotes in our neighborhood so Mom and Dad are real careful when they take us out.

  3. I think Henry has a crush. Maybe a double crush. 😉

  4. A hawk landed in our yard a couple weeks ago. All the birdies went silent! After it flew off I went over and sniffed where it had landed.

  5. You could work out there for another 20 years and never get another shot of an Owl like that. Did you just happen to have your camera handy or did that bird just sit on the ground for awhile? Amazing.

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