Our Big Trip

This week started off like all the other weeks…

Tuesday they came and picked up the equipment left by the folks making the Frac Pond.  There were two of these big machines and a Dozer.



Then we got baths and sat in the sun to dry.


On Wednesday Penny came over to watch our gate, so we could go to San Antonio.  We’re lucky, because our company actually encourages us to swap out gate sitting with our fellow LOMA guards.  It’s great for each couple to get a few hours break together every once in a while.  This was our first time out since we got here September 16th.


We went to San Antonio for a stock up trip at Whole Foods market, Mom bought tons of groceries.  We had to stay in the car, but it was nice and cool, so we just watched everyone in the parking lot and I barked at some.

Since we were so good, we got to stop on the way home at McDonald’s.  We took a little walk around while Dad went in to get our cheeseburger.032






Then we settled down for the long ride home



We were ready for a nap when we got home.


It sure was a fun day…of course, any day that includes a cheeseburger is a good day.


Lots of Love to Grandpa, who is in the hospital today.  Sure wish I was there to curl up with you for a nap…Get Well Soon! 




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  1. I threw Scooter off the computer tonight cause I wanted to tell you how cut you guys look when you’re all clean and pretty. Glad you got a break today and got to take a trip into town. Especially good since you behaved yourselves. Tell your Mom and Dad hi for me.

  2. You’ re lucky you got to go with Mom and Dad to San Antonio. My Mom is going on vacation and I’m staying at the spa while she’s gone.

  3. You go girls! Henry asked what a cheeseburger is but I didn’t tell him. Shhhhh…

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