It’s All Fun & Games Till……

…you see a Mountain Lion cross the road while riding your bicycle!


Mom went for a ride on Friday…enjoying the fantastic weather.

Saw four beautiful deer…This one stopped to look at the funny old lady on a bicycle



On the way back to our motorhome…about 50 yards ahead…a mountain lion ran across the road!  Dad has seen 2 of them out on the main road, but this one was inside our gate.  Didn’t get any pictures because it was pretty fast and Mom was a little freaked out.

We told the hunters about it when they arrived for the weekend.  Bubba said it was more likely a bobcat, but Mom didn’t see any spots on it.  We like wildlife, but not so much the ones that might try to eat us.008

So, the well is pumping water into the Frac Pond….but not enough.


It’s supposed to be pumping 7 barrels a minute and it’s only pumping 2.


Here’s the well


Here’s the generator & fuel tank, that runs the well pump.


The lines run almost a mile to the Frac Pond.  The company that runs the lines, changed them out last night, but said it’s the pump that’s the problem, not the lines.  Someone from the well company came to check it, but no maintenance people came. 


Looks like it’ll be another quiet weekend with just a few hunters around…and at least one mountain lion.

Hope everyone had a nice Veteran’s Day.  Mom & Dad are both veterans, so they celebrated by cooking a yummy steak dinner…we got a few bites too. 

Internet connection has been horrible the last few days, takes forever to get a post loaded. Sad smile



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  1. Hi girls – I’m filling in for Fiona since she’s at the spa while I’m on vacation. There’s a big difference between mountain lion and bobcat – the tail! A bobcat has a short stubby tail. But I’m sure your Mom was too freaked out to notice details like that. You girls watch out for her – and yourselves too!

  2. Hannah and Phoebe – thank your Mom and Dad for me for their service as Vets and tell them to please be careful – mountain lion or bobcat – either way, you all stay safe!
    Henry has his paws full with the cows – they keep trying to eat the house, but at least they’re afraid of bowls of water. Doubt if that would work with a mountain lion!

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