Two Months On The Job…

Wow, hard to believe we’ve already been here for 2 months…It’ll be Spring before we know it.  It’s been another slow week on the gate, but we did have some visitors.  They came and lowered the well pump to try to increase the flow to the Frac Pond.  There’s one guy coming everyday to do dirt work down at the new pad.

Our water pump was acting up so Willie came out to replace it on Monday.  He needed another part, but got it fixed so we could fill our onboard tank for the night.  He came back on Tuesday and installed the pump & it works fine now.

Ken also stopped by (from the main office) on Tuesday.  He had brought a Genset Trailer down for a new Gate Guard couple that will be about 15 miles from us.  The gate wasn’t ready yet, so he parked the trailer at our place until they could move it onto the site on Wednesday.   Ken brought presents of new hats & name tags ~ LOL!

Dad went over and sat at Bob & Penny’s gate on Wednesday, so they could run some errands & go out to lunch.

Today Mom went by and met the new LOMA guards, it’s exciting to have more new neighbors…Welcome Danny & Erma!  They are are 14.7 miles from us.  Then Mom went on to Pearsall to get mail & do laundry.  We got mail too!

They have to order our dog food from since they haven’t found any stores that carry it around here. 


Then I spent some quality time in one of my favorite place – Mommy’s Arms…yeah, I’m a big baby.  Smile


The hunter’s stopped by and showed off the wild hog they got today.  I wish they’d get that big cat, if they have to kill something.


Breaking News…..Check your pantry!

There’s a recall of 16-ounce jars of Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter Chunky due to possible contamination with Salmonella.

“The recalled product features best-if-used-by dates of Aug. 3 and Aug. 4, 2012 and production codes 1307004 and 1308004, and it would have been purchased between Nov. 8 and 17.”

We checked, but ours is creamy  Smile

 That’s all the news for now… 




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  1. Love that photo of you at the computer. We don’t have any of the peanut butter, but we did have some of the recalled ground turkey last month. We had purchase it from HEB and had to throw it out.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been two months already. You are really getting good on that computer. I love Mama’s lap but often times I have to fight with the computer to get it. Glad you got some new neighbors. Be careful of that big cat.

  3. Please tell mom next time she sees the mountain lion to please go up & coax it over to the loma genset & get a closeup picture. it would be great advertisement!

  4. Hannah – You make a lot less typing error than I do! I’m impressed! And after 2 months – y’all are old pros now! 😀
    How do you like it?

  5. Hey girls! Mom finally got home and got me out of the spa. She raked 4 bags of leaves this morning while I ran around the yard. I’m waiting for her to get in the shower so I can take a nap.

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