Oh No…..Haircuts!

Saturday was Haircut Day.

Here I am before…with my pretty fluffy hair.  Ok, maybe I did look a little raggedy


The torture began…

I hate haircuts, so I just close my eyes and hope it’ll end soon.



Hannah even got a little clipping.  She has a natural Mohawk growing down her back, Mom trimmed that and her goatee, cause her food gets stuck in it when she eats.  She has wiry (pig) hair, not soft fluffy hair like me, and hers doesn’t grow as fast as mine.


Then we got baths and sat in the sun to dry


I guess it’s not bad..for a home haircut


Sunday, Mom ran to Uvalde to get groceries.  There’s a chance of rain on Mon & Tue, so we need to make sure we have groceries in case the road gets flooded.  

Yesterday they brought in a Frac Tank


And they delivered a loader to the caliche pit.

The Frac Pond looks pretty pitiful, just about enough water in there for a bird bath~ LOL!


Today at 7:00am 15 caliche trucks arrived. 


They worked on the road to the new pad.  Since they made a caliche pit on the property, they’re just moving it from the pit to the road.  That keeps all the dust back there, instead of bringing it through the gate.  The caliche pit is about 3/4 of a mile from our gate.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!  We’re looking forward to our Turkey Dinner too.



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