Monthly Archives: December 2011

Getting Ready For The New Year

Friday…New Year’s Eve Eve….was spent cleaning.  The humans scrubbed and cleaned the motorhome inside and we got baths too.  It was a beautiful day to sit out in the sun and dry.


The roadrunner stopped by for a snack.


He’s eating chicken here.


There’s lots of superstitions about New Year’s Day.  The main one’s our family follows are:

Make sure you have a Clean House on New Year’s Day…so it’ll be clean throughout the year.

Don’t do laundry on New Year’s Day…or you’ll wash someone out of the family, meaning someone will die.

Don’t spend money on New Year’s Day…or you’ll be spending all year.

And we have the Traditional New Year’s Day Dinner:

Pork…So You’ll “Live High On The Hog” in the New Year

— Black-eyed Peas…For Good Luck in the New Year

— Collard Greens…For Money in the New Year

and yes, we have to eat a little of all that too ~ Ha Ha!


Wishing Everyone A New Year Filled with Love, Health, and Joy!

Pheobe Signoff