December…Off To A Slow Start

It’s been a really slow week with not much news to write about.  Hannah’s getting so fat she can hardly balance on the back of the couch to look out the window.


Monday morning we had 12 caliche trucks arrive at 6:00am to work on the new pad.  They were here till 5:00 then came back on Tuesday and worked till early afternoon.  Only a couple of trucks came in on Wednesday to finish up the last loads.  They hauled gravel & caliche from the pit to the new pad site.  Some fencing folks came in on Thursday & Friday and set a cattle gate on the new road.  We haven’t figured that out yet, since we haven’t seen any livestock here, but they may be opening up an adjoining  pasture back there. 


We still have hunters living back in the hunting camp, but we only see them when they drive by in their hunting buggy or when they leave to go to town.  Seems everyone has one of these cool hunting carts around here.


We got mail on Friday…a package from Amazon with our favorite chew bones!


One new development is the abundance of stickers in the ground lately.  These nasty little plants have sprung up out of the ground and one of us seems to get at least one in our paw every time we go out.  I remember these from our first trip across Texas back in 2009.  Mom bought several different pairs of boots for me and Scruffy, but nothing worked very well and we couldn’t keep them on.

Here’s the culprits.  Those little burs on the end dry up and fall off then blow around, so you never know where they are till you step on them.  We try to walk down the middle of the road most of time now.


Saturday they grilled steaks for dinner and we got some of the trimmings on our food too, it was a yummy treat.

Sunday was cold and rainy, not much accumulation just dreary & damp.  Some of the NEI guys showed up to work on the new pad, but when the rain started they left.

Maybe this week we’ll get some excitement.

Pheobe Signoff


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  1. Love the picture on the back of the couch. Mom tells me I’m getting too fat too and so she put me on a diet. I’m not happy. Sorry things have been so slow. They’re slow around here too. And it’s been cold here. None of us like the cold anymore. Lots of those stickery things around here. But I’ve learned that if I stop and hold my paw up, Dad or Mom will take them out. Hope you have more excitement this week.

  2. This week is really cold…highs in the 50″s and lows as low as 29 on Wednesday night….Brrrrrrr.

    We’ve learned the hurt paw signal too 🙂
    Have fun out there

  3. I don’t get stickers but I do get mud balls between my toes. I run around the yard after a rain and it’s very muddy. I don’t like Mom to pull them out – it hurts. I’m going to have my picture taken with Santa on Saturday and Mom says I have to have a bath first. It’s raining now so I know I’ll get more mud balls today and tomorrow. Mom says I have to smell pretty for Santa Paws too. I saw a pretty purple collar that I hope Santa brings me – along with lots of treats!

  4. Oh, we can’t wait to see your Santa picture!

  5. I came by & brought you diesel but you said it was too cold & windy to come out and play. Maybe next week.

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