Well, This Was a Surprise!

Wednesday morning…Look what arrives at the gate!


They’re here to do a “Deer Survey” ~ LOL.  This sure is a high tech way of hunting. 


They spent a couple hours flying over the ranch…surveying.  The results of the survey indicate there are plenty of deer here, I guess the hunters just haven’t found them…*snicker*


NEI (Novosad Enterprises, Inc.) moved out the last of the heavy equipment they were using to prepare the new pad. 


We woke up to a temperature of 29 degrees…It was FREEZING!  By early afternoon it was in the low 50’s, so we had a nice walk.  Look at that beautiful sky.



Chesapeake came by today and said they are trying to push us up on the Frac schedule.  Apparently we were scheduled for Dec 26th, but if the pond fills enough, they may start Dec 19th.  The pond is only about 1/3 of the way to the required depth, we are at 6.5 feet today.  The well is only producing 2 barrels a minute.  The new pad is scheduled for drilling to begin the first week of January.  We’re ready for a little more activity around here.

Good News…Grandpa got released from the hospital and transferred to a rehab facility until he gets his strength back.  Get Well Soon Grandpa, We Love You!

Hannah Signoff


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  1. Did Chesapeake search your rig for guns and alcohol?? We were offered a Chesapeake gate near the Carrizo Springs yard (Faith Ranch) and we understand that is what they do there. (Didn’t take it … crazy there!) We don’t have a gun and we don’t drink alcohol as such … I use it for cooking though. Just wondering…

    • Gosh No, Chesapeake has been great.
      There was an incident, with a belligerent argumentative Gate Guard, where Chesapeake did go into the RV looking and the guard was relieved of duty. As we understood it, there was alcohol on his breath and mention of guns which prompted the search. That’s an isolated incident.

      We’re scared of guns and too young to drink anyway ~ LOL!

  2. Good post. Loved the pics.

  3. Thanks…We enjoy your blog too!

  4. Wow! I’ve seen a lot of things come through the gate – but never a helicopter! Amazing! Glad to hear the good review of Chesapeake. We’ve never worked for them and I’ve heard mixed mentions. So happy it’s going well for the 4 of you! 😀

  5. We plan on heading to Texas the first of January. We couldn’t have done it without reading everyone’s blogs, a big thanks to you all! We have 3 dogs, have you had any issues with snakes, etc?

    • Glad you enjoy the blog and hope it’s helpful…It’s a great job for those that can deal with the conditions. We haven’t seen a snake since we got here, but we never put our feet where we can’t see the ground, no walking into tall grass or shrubs. Just keep your eyes open and be aware.

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