Happy Holidays

Very slow week on our gate but things picked up over the weekend..if it wasn’t for the hunters, there are days we wouldn’t even open the gate.  Chesapeake came by and let us know we’ve been pushed back 30 days on the Frac schedule, due to lack of water flowing to the Frac Pond. 

Too much time on Mom’s hands leads to strange outcomes sometimes…  In an effort to cut down on, or at least aid in the removal of, stickers from our feet…we got our feet shaved!  We can’t seem to avoid the burs that have popped up all over the ground, so this is Mom’s brilliant idea.

Maybe we’ll start a new trend ~ LOL!


Hannah’s deformed foot is more noticeable now.  No one knows if she was born with it, or it was injured before we adopted her, but her back left foot is weird. She holds it up when she walks sometimes and we call her Hop-Along Hannah.


Friday night the bobcat hunters arrived.  Two trucks of dogs trained to hunt bobcats.  One truck had 9 dogs and the other had 5 or 6.



I guess they do their job pretty well….we were told Saturday morning that they got 2 bobcats

Saturday morning Med-Loz arrived to build a pad for the new water well.  They’ve decided to drill a new water well, since this one isn’t producing enough water. On Friday the Frac pond only had 8’ of water in it.

Sunday we had 38 loads of caliche delivered for the water well pad.  Bull’s Eye brought in a mud pump and other equipment, they will be starting on the new water well Monday morning.


We want to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season…Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa  & Best Wishes For A Fabulous New Year.


Pheobe Signoff

Will try to update more often….Been having a terrible time with the Internet connection lately.


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  1. I love this blog and look forward to it. Youall are so cute. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Shirley

  2. Mom would never dare to put antlers on my head. You two are so much better than I would be. Glad to hear you finally got some company coming through the gate. Gives Mom something to do besides pick on you. Sure hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of presents from Santa.

  3. Henry has pedicure envy. I’m going to have to limit his on-line time! 😉

  4. Mom said she sent my photo with Santa Paws – did you see it? She put antlers on me at home one day – or should I say she TRIED!! I would not sit still for a photo. Because of the mudballs I get between my toes I get a footbath almost every day 😦

  5. travelinterriers

    Your Santa photo was adorable! We’re not well enough behaved to go into a store and have our picture taken…Hannah barks at everyone and I bite people ~ LOL!

  6. Merry Christmas to you & your furry little friends. We are subbing for Billie (Roger’s wife) so they can get away for the holiday. This is our first gate. Sure is muddy here!

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