Our Happy Yule Flood & Flat Tires

The rains came Wednesday night…


Fortunately, since we moved the rig back last time, we’re not sitting in the pond this time.  When you step out of the rig you have to make an immediate left or right to keep your feet dry.


The Humans bought new tires last August, and we have our second flat tire this week.   That’s what 5 miles of a heavy gravel road will do to you.  The Goodyear road hazard isn’t worth anything here cause there’s no Goodyear dealerships.  Walmart in Uvalde carries Goodyear, but they don’t honor the warranty.  They checked this tire on Monday and couldn’t find anything wrong with it, so they put it back on.  After another trip to town on Wednesday, it went flat again.  Sad smile  At least both flats have happened at the gate, so no one is stuck out on the side of the road.


We found some mistletoe that was low enough to pull the branch down & snip a piece.


So that’s our Festive Decoration


and stockings


They poured concrete for the new water well today. 



Not sure if it will be done before Christmas.


Once again Happy Holidays…I hope Santa Claus brings us a cheeseburger!

Hannah Signoff


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  1. It seems after reading many of the rain experiences of other gate guards, you pups got lucky!

  2. Flat tires really aren’t fun for those humans of ours. But it helps if they aren’t out in the middle of no where when they happen. Mom and Dad took us in to get out nails clipped today so we can look good for Christmas. Another puppy in there was really not happy to have his nails clipped. He cried and cried. But Skitz and I were good girls.

    We sure hope you and your sister and Mom and Dad have a really happy and Merry Christmas. And I sure hope Santa knows how to find you. A cheeseburger would be a good thing.

  3. Oh so sorry about your pond and your flats – whew! You’re starting to sound like us! May your stockings be filled with treats and your New Year overflowing with cheeseburgers!
    Henry VIII

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