Oh Yeah, We Were Supposed To……

….Start the Motorhome engine and run it & the generator every once in a while to keep the batteries charged up!

Monday night, at 2:30 am our generator died.  Sad smile

Normally it wouldn’t be a big problem, cause you can start the generator in the motorhome for your backup.  But….if the batteries are dead, the generator doesn’t start.  So, how about you drive the car over and jump the battery with the car!  No…You don’t have any jumper cables!  LMAO

We decided 2:30 am was a little too early to call our service guy.  Mom turned on the oven and we snuggled up on the couch with her.  Even Phoebe snuggled and she’s not much of a snuggler.  At 6:00 am they called for help.  Willie arrived shortly and discovered the alternator had gone out on the generator.  Fortunately, he had one in his truck and replaced it and we were back in business.  Once we had power, Dad hooked up the charger to our Motorhome battery and charged them up.  Guess they’ll try to do better on preventive maintenance now.

We also discovered that one of our countertop water jugs had sprung a leak on the step, just inside the door.  Fortunately, the rug sopped it up, so it’s out in the sun drying.  We use these 2.5 gal water jugs inside because they fit well on the counter behind the sink. 


We discovered early on, that they are not tough enough for trips to town, down this bumpy gravel road.  We now fill the 5gal jugs in town then transfer to the countertop jug as needed.  Now we’re down to just one countertop jug, so that’s on the Walmart shopping list too, along with jumper cables.

About the tire problems…Dad took the tire to the other Goodyear place in Uvalde Tuesday and they can’t find anything wrong with it either.  So, instead of taking chances we bought a new tire to replace it for $102.  Better safe than sorry out here. 

Chesapeake came by today…  Turns out we’ve been pushed back on the schedule, again.


The new well isn’t scheduled to be drilled until March 30th.  Fracing of the current well is scheduled to begin the end of Jan or beginning of Feb, although they may move that up a week or two.  The new water well is producing plenty of water, so maybe that will bring them in sooner. 

We had to pose for a Christmas picture…we don’t really like pictures.  We put up a good fight, but after over 50 shots, Mom finally decided this one was good enough. 


We’re working on our New Year’s Resolution list now… Part of that is not to pose for anymore family portraits Ha Ha!


 Hannah Signoff


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  1. What a GREAT picture! You make one fine looking family! No jumper cables here either. Gotta put that on the list.
    I’m not wild about refilling the one gallon containers. I don’t know if I could even carry a 5 gallon one! We have used the 2 – but the last one sprayed down the kitchen!

    Henry wants the girls to know that he’s going to the groomer today. I think he’s trying to impress them. 😉

  2. travelinterriers

    Oh, I bet Henry will look handsome after a trip to the groomer. Phoebe has to make do with home haircuts while we’re here, we haven’t found any groomers near us.

  3. Buy a Battery Tender at Walmart. Plug it in and it will keep your batteries charged while you are sitting. We learned the hard way, too! LOL

  4. We bought a Battery Tender for the motorhome last year – Carol’s right! It was a lifesaver!

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