Monthly Archives: January 2012

And They’re Gone….

On Thursday our wonderful neighbors stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of Alstroemeria for us!  India said it’s a reminder that Spring is on the way.  They own the ranch across the road from us and have been so nice.   The flowers really brighten up the place!

That plastic container is our driveway alarm, it lives on the table.  We have a washcloth and plastic bowl over it to muffle the sound. 


Mom tore up our playpen and hung the mat over the fence to dry


It’s still pretty wet in front of the motorhome, but a few more days like today and it’ll be all dry.


Friday morning the Frac Crew began the move out.


This is a Frac Head…in case you were wondering


By 5:00 pm most all of the big equipment was gone.




We got our playpen set back up, so we sat outside and watched.


There’s still some equipment to move tomorrow.  One of the Chesapeake Company men went with frac move, but one will be here until tomorrow to finish it up.

We’re not sure what will come next or when it will happen…we’ll let you know when we hear something.