Still Waiting…

Apparently the Frac Crew is having problems where they are, on the Wilson Ranch, so we’ve been delayed.  One guy from Baker Hughes said today they may just shut down over there and move in here but he wasn’t sure.

We had water trucks delivering all night last night.  The another Frac tank came in this morning with two of these Sand Tanks


So here’s what things look like today.

The Frac pond is at 15’


These pumps send the water down to the well site about 1 mile away


This is coming from the pumps to the road


and down to the well


through filters


and into the well site


and into the Frac Tanks all lined up


The hoses are flat so maybe they’re full now


and here’s the Sand tanks they brought in this morning


It was cooler again today, only 55 now but it’s a nice sunny day.  We sat outside in our playpen while Dad read and Mom went for a walk.


The roadrunner came by looking for treats.



We got our signal booster back from Wilson yesterday, but they forgot to send our antenna back.  We called and they said they’d ship it right out, but that’s another 3-4 days.  The Internet seems to be working fairly well without it, Thank Goodness.  Of course, I can’t even send and receive text messages on the Verizon phone till we get the booster back.

We’ll update when we get more news.

Pheobe Signoff


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  1. Good to hear from you! Mom was getting worried. It’s hot one day, then rainy, then cold. It’s pretty today but Mom has to work.

  2. Not much to write about lately…we’re getting lazy. 🙂

  3. Hi girls! We’ve missed you!!!!

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