Seriously, Another Flat Tire????

We woke up Saturday to another flat tire…These roads are taking a toll on them. 



The neighbor across the road explained that the rocks are Chert.  Better known as flint…as in arrowheads…piercing through your tires!

Chert is a microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline sedimentary rock material composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Chert breaks with a conchoidal fracture, often producing very sharp edges. Early people took advantage of how chert breaks and used it to fashion cutting tools and weapons. Dark varieties of chert are common and are often called “flint”.

We were sitting outside, as Dad started to jack up the car to change the tire, when one of the trucks leaving stopped to help.  He was here to service a tire on some equipment.  He had a better jack and air hose on his truck.  He pulled our tire off, found the piece of chert lodged in the tire, removed it, popped it off the rim, sealed it inside, and put it back on in no time.  Saved Dad a lot of work and trip to Uvalde for a repair.  Honestly, Texans are just the nicest folks!


They really are all so nice & polite here.  Even when they have to sit in a line waiting to check in at the gate, no one has ever been anything but friendly…never rude or impatient.  It really makes our job so much easier.

We were only able to get a few photos today.  Dad couldn’t go onto the site without a hard hat while they’re working, and by the time they shut down for the day, he’s napping to get ready for night shift. 





We’ll try to get more pictures when we can. 

This isn’t a 24 hour operation like the drilling of the well was.  The crew, about 45 guys, arrives in vans & buses around 5:30am.  Then sand trucks begin arriving and lots of support service folks.  Around 11:45 Frank arrives with catered lunch from Mesquite Logistics.  There’s traffic all day in & out, then the crew vans leave around 6:00pm.  The Chesapeake Company Men and a few others are living on site.  We had 138 through the gate on Thursday, 125 on Friday, and so far 144 today.

Another busy but exciting day.  The best part was the humans grilled steaks and we got steak scraps in our dinner.  They have to eat in shifts due to traffic, but we eat together.


That’s about all the news we have for now.



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  1. Just wanted to tell you I really like your site and pics. Kind of cool it is from your babies (dogs) perspective.we are also gate guards and also have 2 dogs, so we can really relate. Keep up the good work.

  2. You guys are getting an education in geology! Too bad the price is paid with tires. Wish Mom would grill a steak – that sounds good! I’m playing outside before the storms come in. It’s 72 degrees at 7pm – unreal, Mom says. Bad storms are predicted late tonight. I think Mom said something about a foot bath for me!

  3. Hello ladies! Gosh, we’ve never even heard of chert, just calachie which however bothersome, certainly doesn’t pop tires!
    Sound like you’re in for some stormy weather tonight. Hang on to your hats. Do you wear hats? I don’t, unless I’m force to for photos. 😀
    Cordially yours,
    Henry VIII

    • I hope it doesn’t get scary stormy here, or where you are either! No, we don’t wear hats, it’s bad enough we have to wear those ridiculous antlers at Christmas ~ LOL! Take Care & Have Fun watching the cats there. 🙂

      xoxo 😉

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