All Quiet Again

The Frac crew moved out last Friday.  Saturday & Sunday we had water trucks in & out hauling the leftover water out of here, so they could move the Frac Tanks.

Tuesday they took all but one of the Tanks out


This week has been the very light traffic with just the last of the equipment being picked up.  No one seems to know when the Workover Crew & Flowback Crew will arrive.

The last of the tanks was hauled out today.


Along with the Porta Potties


There were a lot of Chesapeake folks around today.  They are surveying across the road, at our neighbors ranch, to get it ready for a well.   Looks like the pad will be right across from our gate.


We finally got a picture of the coyote that we’ve seen a few times.  Looks kind of like my old buddy, Scruffy.  He’s scared of us, so he runs away as soon as he sees us and he doesn’t come near the motorhome.


Mom went to San Antonio yesterday to stock up the freezer.  She brought us back McDonalds cheeseburgers for dinner, but she threw away the buns since we don’t really like much bread and we’re still trying to trim Hannah’s fat belly. 

So, It looks like it will be a quiet weekend here.  Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday…the only football game we watch and we just watch it for the commercials and the snacks.  We’ve already claimed our spot on the couch.






We’ll write when get any news.



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  1. You know they are done when they take out the potties! Mom is going to AL next week and I’m going to the spa. Can’t wait to see you next month!

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