A New Booster Antenna & A Weekend Of TV

The booster is not connected to the TV…it’s to boost our internet and (in a perfect world) cell phone signal.  It’s just mounted on the TV antenna to get it up as high as possible.  We got a larger antenna to see if it would increase our boosted signals.  It seems to help the Internet, although we pretty much accepted slow internet until we leave here and get back to civilization.  This is a Wilson Electronics Dual Band Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna.  It’s more than twice as tall as the antenna we started with.



As far as the Verizon phones, the only thing the antenna helps with, is sending & receiving text messages.  We still don’t have enough Verizon signal to use the phones for calls.  We can drive 1/2 mile from our gate and make calls though ~ LOL!  We have a borrowed phone to use for calls while we’re here.

Saturday I took a long walk with Mom…not so long that I had to be carried back this time.  Phoebe took a long walk with Dad, she’ll walk forever if you let her.  It was cool (60) and breezy, so a perfect day for walking.  Then we all spent the afternoon watching the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show.  Those dogs are fun to watch, but I think they work too hard.  We like laying on the couch eating cheeseburgers better than performing.  I growled at some of them on TV, but they couldn’t hear me.

Sunday it was colder here…only 49 degrees and windy at 1:30 pm, so it was a perfect day to stay inside.  We spent the morning watching Animal Planet shows.  Dad adjusted his sleep schedule, so he could be up to watch the Super Bowl with us.  We only really watch for the commercials, and were disappointed that Budweiser didn’t have any really good commercials with the Clydesdales.  We did like the Bud Light commercial, with Weego the dog, and the Dorito commercial where the dog buries the cat and bribes the guy with Doritos not to tell ~ LOL.   We got a water & fuel delivery in the middle of the game…didn’t expect that…I guess not everyone watches the Super Bowl.  The humans had hot wings and snacks, but we only got some cheese bites.  We were just big old couch potatoes this weekend.



Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a great week ahead.

Hannah Signoff


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  1. Hey girls! I watched the dog show, too – sort of (I fell asleep during the herding group). That’s a very cool antenna you have. My people would probably forget to take it down and would knock it off on the first tree. They slid their first one in on their slide!
    Best regards,
    Henry VIII

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