Bath Day

Today was a slow day.  When we went out for a walk, the roadrunner was there looking for food. 


We sat and waited while Mom ran back in and got him some treats.  After he ate we took off on our walk.


He followed us up the road…I guess he wanted more chicken.


Then it was torture time.  I got another home (hack job) haircut and we both got baths.  They promised me I’ll get a decent haircut, at a real groomer, when we get back to civilization.  Mom says we just have to resolve ourselves to the fact that neither of us will have a decent haircut while we’re out here gate guarding.  She got a pretty bad cut at the Uvalde Walmart last month too.

It was chilly, so we had to stay inside and get blow dried, instead of sitting in the sun to dry.  Hannah’s scared of the blow dryer.


We’re supposed to be getting rain tonight and tomorrow.  Dad did laundry and got a few groceries in Pearsall yesterday, in case the road gets nasty with the rain….And he brought us home a cheeseburger! Smile

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Pheobe Signoff


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  1. I feel your pain. I got a bad haircut at Laredo several months ago, but then found a GREAT hairdresser in Cotulla. We’re near Dilley now. Romeo & Juliette say Hello.

  2. First thing when we move is to find the Vet and Groomer. If we can’t find groomer, then we become the groomer. Nail trimming is one thing we don’t do. I like having animals in pairs, our dog does not want another one around. Have a nice chilly day.

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