Spring Flowers & Coyotes

We got rain Friday night and had a muddy mess again…had to put the towels down on the floor to clean our feet on when we come inside. 


But in Texas, February rain brings February flowers and it’s starting to look like Spring around here.  The weeds are growing high and the wildflowers are blooming.


The neighbors told us, they call these Fire Wheels


The coyotes have been seen almost daily lately.  The Humans carry pepper spray when we go for walks now…just in case.



We finally have gotten to the coiled tubing stage on the well.  Rumor has it, after 2-3 days of the coiled tubing crew removing the plugs, we’ll have a workover crew for a few days, then the flowback crew.

It must be almost time to go… cause the weeds need mowed.  At least most of the mud has dried up.



We’ll be leaving here on March 16th, heading to Maine for the summer, and visiting Family and Friends along the way. 


We’re going to miss these beautiful sunsets…

Hannah Signoff


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  1. I know Texas really needs the rain but I sure hate that mud stuff. I hope you make a post about what your Mom and Dad think about being out in the boonies for so long. I know my Mom wants to know if they want to do something like that again.

  2. My yard is a muddy mess too. Mom let me run last night and then I was a muddy mess. She took me straight to the tub for a bath when I came in. That’s okay – it was worth it to run! Mom says if we don’t get any more rain between now and when you girls come to visit, the yard MIGHT be dry!

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