South Texas Beauty

We’re enjoying the emergence of Spring here in South Texas.



Even the roadrunner seems to be perkier, he was up in the tree the other day, squawking at us when we walked by.


Sunday morning we had some turkeys wander by, but we didn’t get to go out and chase them.


We’ve been busy doing a little weed control.  Some of the workers have warned us that rattlesnake season is upon us, and we need to get mothballs to put under the motorhome.  Mom bought an old fashioned weed whacker, so Dad spent this morning chopping down some of the high weeds…it’s good exercise for him ~ LOL


We just sat and watched, looked like too much work.


Hope your Spring flowers are beginning to bloom too.  Smile

Pheobe Signoff


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  1. The daffodils have bloomed and died but Mom said the azaleas should be pretty when you get here. Watch out for those snakes – they bite! Lizards are out here – I ate one last night to gross out Mom. Mom said to tell your Dad he can get lots of exercise in our backyard! She needs to cut grass – or werds – but refused to bring out the lawnmower in February.

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