Getting Ready To Leave….

Another beautiful sunrise this morning.  It’s a shame that pictures can’t do justice to the serene beauty of this West Texas desert.


We had a fun weekend.  Susan came over and babysat us, and watched our gate, on Saturday while Mom & Dad went across the road to have lunch with our neighbors and their friends.  We weren’t real sure we were gonna like Susan at first, but she gave us treats and belly rubs, so we were great friends by the time Mom & Dad got home.  Mom & Dad had a wonderful afternoon….after 6 months of 24/7 gate guarding duty, it was a much appreciated break.  Once again we’ve met some great new friends, and look forward to seeing them when we come back next winter.  Dad has gone over to watch Susan & Maury’s gate today, so they can visit friends in San Antonio.

We started getting things packed up on Sunday.  Washing the dust off the lawn chairs and tables.  We had our last outdoor time before they washed and packed up the mat in our playpen.



We got the story on this house from the neighbors.  It sits on a hill that we can see from the ranch we’re on.  The neighbors told us that a lawyer was hired to buy the most remote place he could find for Bonnie & Clyde.  They planned to do one more bank job then move here and become ranchers…of course that didn’t turn out so well.  Apparently, the lawyer got the house. 


The Yucca plants are blooming.


and the Turkeys visited again the other day.


Our replacements, Diane & Bob, came by today to look at the place.  They’re experienced gate guards and we think they’ll be very happy here, as we have been.  They’ll be here Friday around 8:00 am to do the swap out. 

Today they are grading & rolling the county road, it had gotten pretty nasty with all the rain the past few days.  As long as we don’t get more rain this week, the road should be in pretty good shape, to drive the RV’s on Friday….Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

I’m excited to get going, we get to go run and play in Grandma & Grandpa’s big yard with our cousins…without a leash!  Phoebe’s already nervous, cause she knows something’s happening, and she hates it when the house drives ~ LOL!


Hannah Signoff


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  1. Hard to believe you guys have been there six months already. And you’ll be back next year. Wow it must not have been too bad a time. But running and playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s sounds like a really good break. We don’t like it when things start getting put away either. We know that those walls are going to move and we don’t like that at all.

    • Yes, the winter has gone fast! We did enjoy our time out here, even with the challenges of gate guarding, it was a nice break from campground work and we plan to come back next winter too.

  2. Happy trails, girls, and may you be showered with many cheeseburgers along the way! 😀

  3. I can hardly wait to meet you, Hannah. I hope you don’t just sit and bark at me like your sister. I wanted to play with her but she just wanted to bark. I have a track around my yard and I love to run. It’s been too muddy the past couple days and so Mom has taken me on long walks thru the neighborhood. See ya next week!

  4. i love it cool stuff keep it coming

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