Traveling and Lessons Learned While Gate Guarding

So, we’re enjoying being out and traveling again.  We swapped out with our replacements and had a smooth exit Friday morning.  We’re spending a couple days here at Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, TX.  We’ve been here before, so we recognize the place.  Lots of people and other dogs to bark at.


We walked on grass for the first time in 6 months…I was rather puzzled by it at first, I forgot how it tickled your paws ~ LOL!


We wanted to share some things we learned while gate guarding this winter.

Gate Guarding for dogs…


If you try to bark at every truck, you’ll get a sore throat.

Get used to the hum of the generator & ding of the driveway alarm…it’s part of your new life.

There’s more bugs in Texas than anywhere in the World…Big Black Beetles, Moths of all shapes and sizes, & Butterflies galore.

You can bark all you want at some roadrunners, but they really don’t care.

Don’t bark at coyotes. Chances are they’re meaner than you, so you don’t want to make them mad.

Never put your feet where you can’t see bare ground…there’s snakes out here, although we got lucky and never saw any.

If you get a sticker in your foot, stop and lift your paw. This signals humans that you have an owwie and they’ll fix it.

You’ll never be alone as a gate guard dog, one human is always on duty, so they’re always home and one is always awake.

All your cheeseburgers will be cold by the time they bring them from town, but 20 seconds in the microwave and they’re ready to eat.


We’ll stay in touch while we visit and travel to our summer job….but we’ll be back to guarding gates again next winter.  Thanks to LOMA for a great winter.  Good Luck to all those guards spending the summer in Texas, I hope the weather is cooler than last year.




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  1. Happy travels to you from Romeo & Juliette.

  2. Saw Eric and Karla last week and told them how much you guys enjoyed your time as gate guards. Karla didn’t think she could stand it for six months – three maybe. I think you learned some really good lessons, especially the holding up the paw one. I use that one often when we’re walking. Where are you headed for the summer?

    • It’s definitely a job that has some challenges, but the money’s pretty good. We’ll be working in Bar Harbor, Maine this summer…just so Mom can eat all the lobster she wants. 🙂

  3. Safe travels girls! Keep in touch!
    Henry VIII

  4. I haven’t commented before but have enjoyed your blog. We learned a lot from you as we started our first gate guard assignment for GGS. We will also be leaving for the summer…we are going to southern Colorado and will also return next fall. Look forward to hearing about your summer job in Maine. Bobbie

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