Hanging Out at Grandma & Grandpa’s House

We got to Georgia on Saturday.  It’s so fun being able to run & play in the yard with Grandma & Grandpa’s dogs again…we all get along well.

Hannah doesn’t look so fat next to Sophie & Gracie ~ LOL


Here’s me with Sophie, she the oldest.


This is Gracie


I like to do Perimeter Patrol around the fence line, Hannah follows along sometimes.


Hannah running in the yard


I went to the beauty parlor on Tuesday.  Finally got a decent haircut…sure looks better than those home haircuts from Mom.  I look pretty cute with purple bows in my ears, don’t you think?


Hannah has claimed her spot in the living room.  She get’s tired with all the running & playing…maybe she’ll lose some of that belly fat while we’re here.


We’ll be here for a couple weeks, then we’ll be back on the road to Maine. 



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  1. Where in GA r u guys? Are u going to Maine for a job?

  2. We’re just NE of Atlanta right now. Yes, we’ll be working at a campground in Maine this summer.

    What are you guys doing…staying in Texas?

  3. Wow! You girls are really stylin’! Plus real grass! Very impressive! Hope you’re getting plenty of cheeseburgers! 😀

  4. We’re not getting many cheeseburgers, but Grandpa is an easy target for treats slipped under the table during dinner. 🙂

    xoxo to Henry

  5. Great new “do”…….have fun in Georgia.

  6. Hi girls! I know you’re heading out today so I just want to wish you safe travels. Maybe you’ll get more cheeseburgers on the road! I’m looking forward to your updates along the way.

  7. We’re almost ready to roll….soon as they finish drinking coffee and make our breakfast. It’s cold here this morning.

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